Krystal Nail

GM and Lead Coach
Krystal Nail


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


A good friend invited Coach Krystal to a CrossFit class and within four months, she found herself fully immersed in the sport, the lifestyle, and the community. After getting her feet wet in the competitive world, she hasn’t looked back. Local comps are convenient and fun but her favorite is qualifying for TFX in Austin, TX each year. “Getting to see all of your hard work pay off is like no other feeling”.

3 years into her CrossFit journey she decided to give back to her community in more ways than one and is now the GM and Lead Coach for Man Made CrossFit; the best of both worlds in her mind. She gets to put her marketing background to good use as well as impact others’ lives through coaching. When it comes to fitness, Coach Krystal is a big believer in technique, stabilization movements, and strength-based goals. Her favorite skills to coach are gymnastics focused. Building trust and relationships with MMCF athletes, cultivating a healthy community, and leading people toward achieving their goals are a few things that keep her passion for Man Made going strong.

Krystal and her husband, Grant, are excited to be able to raise their four children around a community of people with one focus, a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

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