Eli Bowe

Eli Bowe


  • L2 CrossFit Trainer


Eli is an L2 CrossFit Trainer who began his CrossFit journey in 2015. He loves coaching both teens and competitors alike. Coaching CrossFit is where Eli finds his thrill because he enjoys watching athletes progress from banded, into their first pull up, then all the way to a muscle up.
Aside from coaching, Eli enjoys trail running and usually runs a half marathon once or twice a month. In 2015, he started doing CrossFit because he was a stay-at-home dad with three boys who he envisioned would stomp all over him in the quickly approaching years. From there, his love for the sport allowed him to break his habits of smoking and drinking, leading to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Eli has aspirations of making it to the games as a masters athlete one day.

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