Justin Krautz

Justin Krautz


  • CF - L1


  • BBA Texas State University


I found CrossFit immediately after finishing my College Track and Field career in 2010. I have trained, and competed in CrossFit consistently for 10+ years, and I have also coached CrossFit off and on from San Marcos to Boerne, and all around Houston for over 8 years. 

Since finding Man Made in December 2020, I have grown tremendously not only as an athlete but also as a coach. I take great pride and pleasure in having the opportunity to pass along my knowledge and experience to the incredible community at Man Made.


One fun fact about you
My first ever CrossFit workout was a test from the 2010 CrossFit Games. It was called Pyramid Double Helen, and I’m pretty sure I almost passed out doing it. That’s all it took. I was HOOKED!

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